Tribecca Kitchen In Taupe


Immerse yourself in taupe elegance with the Tribecca kitchen– where style meets family comfort!

Dive into the perfect mix of fashion and functionality in our kitchen showcase campaign, featuring the Tribecca Kitchen in Taupe. This kitchen’s smooth finish and an array of colour choices create a contemporary culinary sanctuary. picture a white Carrera Marble worktop and chic Black Handles, creating an air of modern style. With features like a discreet appliance cupboard, a glass extractor, stainless steel sink, and a chrome tap, efficiency takes centre stage. Why not incorporate some tailored storage solutions, from integrated bins to personalised larder units. Ready to redefine your kitchen experience? Reach out today and let the Tribecca Kitchen in Taupe craft your dream kitchen reality.

Step into Cozy Elegance with Tribecca
Get ready to fall in love with our Tribecca Kitchen in Taupe from our kitchen showcase campaign. It’s not just a kitchen; it’s a Taupe-inspired sanctuary that combines timeless charm with a dash of modern flair. Take your pick from a color palette that reads like a cozy novel – Cashmere, Dust Grey, Graphite, Indigo, Light Grey, Porcelain, Alpine White, Fir Green, and Taupe. Add in the white Carrera Marble worktop and the sleek Black Handles, and you’ve got yourself a kitchen that’s as stylish as it is functional.

Charmingly Casual with a Taupe Twist
Now, let’s talk design. This kitchen isn’t just for cooking; it’s your personal canvas. The doors come in a variety of hues, letting you create a kitchen as unique as your favourite playlist. Think of it as your culinary playlist – curated by you.

Smart Living, Taupe-Style
Imagine this: a breakfast bar that’s not just for pancakes but also for family moments, chit-chats, and maybe a little dance party while you cook. And that appliance cupboard? It’s like your kitchen’s secret hideout for toasters and coffee machines – out of sight, but always ready for action.

Appliances That Do More Than Look Good
With a glass extractor, a stainless steel sink, and a chrome tap, your kitchen is ready for whatever you throw at it. Say hello to stress-free cooking and goodbye to kitchen drama.

Storage Solutions That Get You
Let’s talk storage – the hero of every kitchen. From bins to carousels, larder units to spice racks, we’ve got you covered. Because your kitchen, your rules. Let’s make it work for you. Ready to turn your kitchen dreams into reality?

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*€9,755 Incl Vat & Delivery. Ceramic 1.5 Bowl sink, Avel Chrome Tap. 90cm Glass Extractor. Appliances and Installation not included.

This price is for illustrative purposes only and prices can vary in accordance with the overall room dimensions, customer specifications and ultimate design.

As per this illustration the price is inclusive of doors, fully assembled wood grained cabinets, soft close hinges and drawers, handles, countertops, sink, tap, extractor fan, cornice, pelmet, plinth delivery and VAT.
Excludes Fitting & Electrical Appliances

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