Madison Kitchen in Sage Green


Step into the warm embrace of our Madison Kitchen in Sage Green.

Elevate your kitchen experience with the Madison, where the soothing tones of Sage Green meet the warmth of cozy comfort. As part of the kitchen showcase campaign by Barry and Byrne Kitchens, Madison invites you to create a kitchen haven that goes beyond the ordinary. Sink into the details – a convenient island sink, a brass-colored tap, and a kitchen layout designed for a touch of individuality. Dive into Madison’s world, where every detail is crafted for a relaxed and conversational kitchen experience that’s part of Barry & Byrne Kitchens kitchen showcase campaign. Ready to make your kitchen dreams a reality? Let’s bring our Madison kitchen into the heart of your home.

Welcome to Madison: Where Sage Green Meets Cozy Comfort.
Let’s talk Madison – a kitchen that’s all about Sage Green vibes and that comfy, lived-in feeling. As part of our kitchen showcase campaign for Barry and Byrne Kitchens, Madison brings a touch of nature inside with its Painted Woodgrain finish. Choose from a palette of Dust Grey, Ivory, Light Grey, Light Oak, Marine Blue, Mussel, Porcelain, and Stone to create your unique kitchen haven.

Sink in the Island, Brass-Colored Tap – It’s the Little Things
Imagine a sink right in the island, making kitchen chores a breeze. And adding that brass-colored tap, gives it a pop of colour.

Unique Design, Warm Comfort
Madison is not your run-of-the-mill kitchen. It’s a unique design, blending a solid ash painted door with an Oak worktop. A space that feels like a warm and cozy – the heat of your home.

Storage Solutions Tailored for You
We get it – storage matters. Integrated bins, corner carousels, swing larder units, pull-out internal drawers, spice racks – you name it we can incorporate it into the Madison kitchen. It’s your kitchen, your way.

Part of the Kitchen Showcase Campaign
And the best part? It’s all part of the kitchen showcase campaign by Barry and Byrne Kitchens. Madison is here to make your kitchen dreams come true without breaking the bank. Ready to bring the Madison into your home – make it the heart of your home and start creating special memoires your all-new Sage Green Madison kitchen

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*€9,875 Includes Vat & Delivery, Ceramic Sink, Shaftsbury Chrome Tap, Extractor. Appliances and Installation not included.

This price is for illustrative purposes only and prices can vary in accordance with the overall room dimensions, customer specifications and ultimate design.

As per this illustration the price is inclusive of doors, fully assembled wood grained cabinets, soft close hinges and drawers, handles, countertops, sink, tap, extractor fan, cornice, pelmet, plinth delivery and VAT.
Excludes Fitting & Electrical Appliances

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