Lazzo Kitchen in Indigo Blue


This ultra-modern gem seamlessly integrates into diverse homes, offering not just a kitchen but a statement piece that maximises functionality. Choose from a palette featuring Fir Green, Taupe, Indigo Blue, and more to match your unique style.

Lazzo Kitchen doesn’t compromise on sophistication with its White worktop, creating a contemporary haven. This kitchen is a smart companion, why not include an integrated extractor, a sink, and an chrome tap. Choose from our tailored storage solutions, from integrated bins to individually customised larder units, ensure your kitchen adapts to your lifestyle. Ready to infuse your space with compact charm and Indigo Blue sophistication?

Discover the Contemporary Charm of Barry & Byrne Kitchens Lazzo Kitchen in Indigo Blue
A compact kitchen with a big personality, featuring the captivating Indigo Blue in a smooth finish. This ultra-modern style is designed to seamlessly blend into most homes, offering a highly functional and practical space that maximises storage. Choose from a palette of Fir Green, Taupe, Indigo Blue, White, Porcelain, Light Grey, Cashmere, Dust Grey, and Graphite to tailor it to your taste.

Ultra-Modern Design
Lazzo Kitchen brings an ultra-modern flair to your home, ensuring it’s not just a kitchen but a statement piece. The Lazzo Kitchen in Indigo Blues’ design is highly functional and practically designed, making the most of every inch.

Versatile Color Palette
Personalise your kitchen with a spectrum of colors, from Fir Green to Indigo Blue, allowing you to match your unique style. The White Halifax Oak worktop adds a touch of sophistication and complements the contemporary design.

Wide range of Integrated Appliances options
Our Lazzo Kitchen doesn’t just look good; it’s smart too. Why not add in an integrated extractor, a sink, and an chrome tap for a seamless and efficient kitchen experience.

Tailored Storage Solutions
We understand the importance of storage. The Lazzo Kitchen can include internal storage solutions from Barry and Byrne Kitchens’ substantial storage range, from integrated bins to individually customised larder units, ensuring your kitchen meets your needs.

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*€7,845 Incl Vat & Delivery. Carron Phoenix 1.5 Bowl Sink & Lever Tap & Integrated Extractor. Appliances and Installation not included.

This price is for illustrative purposes only and prices can vary in accordance with the overall room dimensions, customer specifications and ultimate design.

As per this illustration the price is inclusive of doors, fully assembled wood grained cabinets, soft close hinges and drawers, handles, countertops, sink, tap, extractor fan, cornice, pelmet, plinth delivery and VAT.
Excludes Fitting & Electrical Appliances

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